Christmas in July

We wanted to share this exciting news with you guys again, just in case you missed it! 

Our pre-opening membership specials are going to save your skin and your bank account. Over the next 30 days, the first 100 members will get these amazing discounts, after that it will never happen again! 

Our Lux Lab Babe Membership is going to change the way you do beauty! Not only will you be getting a discount as 1 of the first 100 members, but your skin will literally thank you for it! Literally, it will be glowing! 

What’s better than glowing skin? Saving Money!


Buy this special and get One Year’s worth of our Lux HydraFacial™ services!

If you haven’t heard of this innovative celebrity-obsessed skincare treatment you’ve been missing out on one of the best-kept secrets to glowing, dewy skin! HydraFacial™ is a non-invasive skin resurfacing and hydrating treatment. Its innovative design and Vortex-Fusion® evenly exfoliates and extracts to remove impurities and dead skin cells while at the same time replenishing vital nutrients including Antioxidants, Peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid. It literally just uses suction like a vacuum to get rid of dead skin, clogged pores, and reveal more radiant new skin. HydraFacial™ is appropriate and suitable for most skin types. It is effective on skin that is aging, of different ethnicities, dry, or oily. It can also slow down your skin’s aging process, in turn potentially delaying the need for more invasive procedures.


There are not many more noticeable features than our eyes! You can take a break from mascara and toss your eyelash curler away when you purchase this Brow Wax & Lash Lift + Tint bundle.

Lash Lift + tint elevates and curls and colors your natural lashes. Start by creating long-lasting curl—up to 6 weeks! — with a lash lift, which is like a perm for your eyelashes. This, paired with a custom-blended tint that will add long-lasting color and definition to your lashes and you have the total package.

Eyebrows are one of your most important facial features.

They help you express emotions, add flair to your look, and can even affect the shape of your face and overall aesthetic appearance. Having your eyebrows regularly trimmed, groomed, or maintained by a waxing professional is therefore very important and can help:

  • Accentuate your eyes
  • Make you look more youthful
  • Create a polished look
  • Hide certain flaws, such as small eyes, eyes that are far apart, or hooded eyes

By opting for professional waxing services, you can enjoy perfectly groomed eyebrows that will lift up your face, make your eyes appear wider, and instantly rejuvenate your appearance.


With eyelash extensions, you save a ton of time getting ready!
Time is precious and with just a little bit of blush, lipstick, and eyelash extensions you can be ready to face whatever the day brings. Eyelash extensions are the most effective way to look amazing without makeup and cut your “getting ready” time in half. They’re perfect for the woman who’s always on the go.

Who wouldn’t LOVE One Year’s worth of Hybrid Lash Extensions!

If Hybrid lashes aren’t your thing and you would love more of a classic lash, no problem! Give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to go over the different lash extension services we offer in more detail with you.


We can’t forget about our Dazzling HydraFacial™

Although it’s not as long as our 75 min Lux HydraFacial™ our Dazzling HydraFacial™ is just as popular, especially for first-time facial clients! It’s the perfect introduction for those looking for glowing, dewy skin without any downtime or prior skincare treatment experience.

3 Steps. 30 Minutes. The best skin of your life!
Gentle, Painless, Effective. Treating congestion, dehydration, and irritation from the elements
Unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin
Customizable Vortex Tip
Completely customizable for every skin type!

We can’t wait to share our amazing space with you and are confident you will achieve the awesome results you’re looking for with us; we love making our customers happy!

Feel Inspired, Empowered and Confident

What Are You Getting

Lux Skin Lab is not only a skincare studio, but it is also an experience where we can customize different services and products to achieve the goal of helping you feel as good and confident about your outer beauty as you do your inner beauty. We hope to empower you with the knowledge to care for your skin on a daily basis so that your in-studio treatments are an enhancement to the great care you already take with your skin.

As busy women, whether we are working women, working moms, stay at home moms, students etc. regardless of how busy our day to day lives are we need to do a better job at prioritizing self-care. We need to build self-care into our daily lives, no matter what form it comes in. Eating healthy, exercise, hobbies, spa services whatever self-care looks like for you. So we can wake up feeling refreshed and renewed.

Here at Lux Skin Lab, we want to walk with you on your self-care journey. To cheer you on for reclaiming your gym time or just your “me” time with a relaxing facial. Our goal is to empower you daily to do the thing(s) you need to do to be your best self. If your skin is keeping you from doing these things or is keeping you from being your best most confident self, come in and let’s fix it! Skincare treatments are not just a sometimes splurge, most times they are a necessity to have our outside appearance and wellness match our inner beauty.

If this sounds like you, send us a message or schedule a free consultation. We would love to help, let’s glow girl!

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