Let’s Play 20 Questions!

Thank You Smiling

I thought it would be a fun exercise to share some obscure facts about myself with you guys! Feel free to ask me anything in the comments or on social media and I’ll get back to you!

What’s your favorite movie?

Oh man, this is such a hard question because I’m not much of a TV/Movie person and since having children it seems to be all things, Disney. I would say though that one movie I absolutely love and could watch over and over is Meet Joe Black, it’s a pretty old movie but still one of my favorites of all time!

If you could live in any period of history, what would it be?

I always thought it would be so neat to live in the cowboy era, I loved riding horses as a kid and being outdoors. I would totally rock a pair of cowboy boots and a hat!

What’s your dream occupation – the one job you’d love to have if you weren’t doing what you’re doing now?

Travel Blogging! Getting paid to travel would be a really cool experience! I love researching new places and the adventure of traveling all over the world. I share all my travels and advice with friends and family and have been told I should start a travel blog. Who knows, maybe one day it will be feasible.

Describe your first car and what you loved or hated most about it?

My first car was a Jeep Wrangler! I loved that little car and how easy it was to drive! Sadly, it was totaled in a really bad car accident and was probably not the safest thing for a teenager to drive.

What one accomplishment are you most proud of?

Owning and running my own business! I like to think I am pretty successful and that I have the capability to be even more successful if I was given the time and opportunity!

What mistake have you made that has taught you a lesson?

Oh geez, there are many! I wouldn’t call it a mistake, but signing up for business classes, while running my business, being a mom to three children, being a wife and still trying to be a good friend, daughter, and sister! I definitely learned that I can’t do it all, even if I want to and that sometimes experiences with family and friends are more valuable than anything I could learn from a book.

What’s the most unusual item in your desk drawer?

Definitely a wine opener! Those things come in handy for so many things and you never know when you’ll need to pop open a bottle of wine, Haha!

What’s your favorite sports team and how far will you go to show your support?

Living in Texas I have to say the Dallas Cowboys. Although I’m not some crazy fan or anything so probably not that far. Haha!

Share something funny or endearing about your pet.

Our dog Lexi is a door dasher! We rescued her when she was a few years old and although she doesn’t do it as frequently as she did when we first got her, she is notoriously known for bolting out the front door if left open too long!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Candy! Any kind of candy, mostly sour fruity candy, but you can bet I always have a candy stash in my car, studio and kitchen.  

What’s on your bucket list?

Visiting New Zealand! One day I plan to spend a month there and travel from the northern part to the most southern point.  

What’s your favorite book series?

I haven’t read a series in a while! I’m a huge fan of reading and usually read between ten to fifteen books a year.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’m pretty content where I’m at, can’t beat Texas! I would love multiple houses though, maybe one near the beach and one in the mountains.

How do you show yourself that you love yourself?

Shopping! It’s a form of therapy and a guilty pleasure, but receiving gifts is definitely one of my love languages and so I shop to buy gifts for myself.

Who is one person that you really look up to?

Renee Rouleau! She is the reason I became an esthetician. I love her spirit, work ethic and positivity she is always sharing with the world. I’ve never met her but would love to one day!

What will you never give up on?

My children! Being a mother brings great challenges, but I plan to take them in stride and hopefully stay close to them during times of struggle. I love them more than anything and they deserve the best of my love!

What is your Spotify playlist usually on?

Country music! I so would have fit in during the cowboy era, Haha

If you could have one superpower- what would it be?

To never have to sleep! I’m definitely a night owl, but I could accomplish so much if I didn’t have to sleep.

Have you ever had a nickname? What was it?

Oh man I’ve had many. Growing up my family called me BamBam. I was born with dislocated hips and had to wear a brace the first few years of life, because of this brace I was constantly hitting my head on the floor when I crawled…. Guess my family thought it was fitting, Haha!

What is one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?

Coffee! If you know me you know I love all things coffee!

Thanks for reading!! Now tell me something fun and random about yourself or answer a couple of the questions that you loved!

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