Fall Renewal Means Chemical Peel Season Is Here!

Ah fall – the absolute best time of year!  Who doesn’t love fall season? We love the cool temperatures, crunchy autumn leaves and knowing that chemical peel season has arrived. As the temperatures cool down there’s less moisture in the air and your skin tends to be drier. Coincidently this is the perfect time for a chemical peel!

So whats all the hype with Fall being peel season?

It’s because during the fall is the ideal time for deeper skin exfoliation. The reason for this is because we have less sun exposure to worry about and stronger enzyme peels and even chemical peels are perfect for exfoliating away the weathered layers of summer skin to reveal your autumn glow.

Why? Because chemical peels are designed to remove dry and damaged skin from your face to reveal a younger, smoother, more hydrated version of your skin.

The benefits of Lux Skin Lab’s Designer Chemical Peels?

  • Three levels of customization – At Lux Skin Lab, we tailor all of our treatments to your skin’s unique needs, and that includes our chemical peels. Our (B)estheticians will provide you with professional peel treatments according to our innovative three-level system that ranges from a light enzyme peel to more advanced chemical exfoliation. As a result these options we have to choose from enable us to able to zero in on the perfect peel for your skin goals.

  • A series of three = serious results – For optimal skin health and rejuvenation, chemical peels work best when performed in a series. Although you will see some instant benefits post-peel, the real magic happens after multiple visits. With consistent treatment, you’ll experience progressive cumulative benefits for your skin including less acne and breakout activity, a more even complexion, smoother skin texture, reduced signs of aging, and a healthy, radiant glow.

  • Skin transformation with little to no downtime – If the idea of a chemical peel makes you nervous, don’t fret! Today’s chemical peels won’t have you hiding in your house for days on end. At Lux Skin Lab we believe in peeling while healing. While we know everyone’s skin reacts differently to a peeling treatment, the majority of the action happens at the time of application, as dead skin cells are digested by the peel solution. In the days that follow you may experience some light flaking or micro-peeling, which will quickly subside and give way to rejuvenated, fresh, healthy skin.

Ready to peel? Here are our top tips for getting the most out of peel season!

Chemical peels should not be given on skin that has not been properly prepared for them. A slow and steady approach with treatments building up and strengthening the skin for more advanced treatments can prevent unwanted side effects. Our skin is very delicate and we don’t want to be too aggressive too fast.

Chemical Peels
  1. Let us know about your skin care goals – Chemical peel treatments address a variety of skin concerns, we recommend taking advantage of our consultations, to discuss your desired outcome and get expert advice from one or our (B)estheticians. By evaluating your skin’s needs, your lifestyle and your home care habits, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction and get you the best results.
  2. Plan to stay out of the sun – If you’re planning to peel this season, it’s a good idea to start planning your sun protection in advance. Or better yet, avoiding sun exposure as much as possible, both before and after your peel appointment will be key to making sure your skin is healthy and hydrated enough for a chemical peel. This ensures that you prevent additional UV damage and protect your investment in your skin.
  3. Make sure your home care is a priority – It’s important to remember that what happens in the treatment room is only a fraction of the equation. To truly maintain your results and get the most from your peel series, you’ll want to be sure you are following up with a daily skincare routine that properly nourishes your skin. Daily care is a must, so be sure to discuss pre and post care with your (B)esthetician. We love helping you find the right products and create a routine that supports your skin between visits!

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