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DermaSound Ultra is a non-invasive, state of the art clinical skin treatment utilizing ultrasonic technology designed to improve all skin conditions.

Lux Skin Lab client’s have lovingly nicknamed this treatment the Magic Wand, because not only does it improve Acne, Rosacea, and Pigmentation it also smooths wrinkles, tightens skin and improves signs of skin aging, to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from this treatment.

The DermaSound Ultra utilizes three distinct revolutionary phases making the process highly effective, with no downtime, redness or pain.

Three Phases

#1 Peeling

Removes 20% to 50% of the outer layer of skin, which we are continuously shedding. The DermaSound hand instrument spins water molecules over the skin using ultrasonic vibrations at high frequency which removes skin and deeply cleanses clogged pores with inflammation and irritation. This cleansing action helps heal blemishes and prevents the formation of acne, while also tightening pores resulting in fewer blackheads and breakouts.

#2 Infusion

Essential nutrients and antioxidants in serums specific to your skin needs are transported deeper into your skin by lightly stroking the hand instrument over your skin using ultrasound frequency. The ultrasound frequency opens pathways between the skin cells and aids in transport of the essential nutrients to our cells 10,000 times more effectively than manual topical application. This phase is key to better, more longer-lasting treatment results.

#3 Microcurrent Therapy

This phase is a client favorite! The hand instrument is lightly stroked over the face creating a slight warming and pulsing. This phase utilizes a mild electrical current, medically proven to restore individual cells’ natural electrical charge. This combats puffiness and swelling, speeds up collagen and elastin production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and gives a non-surgical lift to sagging skin.

Nothing Compares

DermaSound Ultra treatments are unique and non-invasive, there is no downtime or recovery associated with this treatment which makes it a Lux Skin Lab client favorite for date nights or special events.

In fact, each session takes approximately 45-60 minutes which means you can treat your skin to tighter, firmer, younger looking skin in no time. However, it should be noted that while most clients will notice immediate results, we always advise results will continue to improve over 48 hours.

Maximum results cannot be acquired after one session, rather a series of regular treatments will provide maximum results to those wishing to improve their skin in a safer, gentler, more affordable approach than laser treatments, Botox, Filler injections or other invasive skin rejuvenation. 

Lux Skin Lab | DermaSound Ultra

DermaSound Ultra addresses all skin care needs:

Long-term results are achieved when DermaSound Ultra treatments are performed regularly, one treatment will not give you the same skin brightening effects as a series of treatments will.

Learn more about how our DermaSound Ultra treatments can help heal and smooth your skin by requesting a consultation online or calling 972-503-9004 to make an appointment. We serve women, men and teens throughout Colleyville, Grapevine, Frisco, Keller and other Dallas communities.

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