Hair WaxingServices

Are you looking for flawless beautiful smooth skin?

Hair is a fact of life, but living with it doesn't have to be your only option! Now is the time to put down those razors, say goodbye to bumps and cuts, and say hello to smooth flawless skin! Our friendly (b)estheticians provide a variety of waxing services that meet your every need!

Facial Waxing

From your face down to your toes!

Skip the DIY at-home wax and let our (b)estheticians work their magic to ensure ultra-smooth results. Waxing is a process, the more consistently you do it the better the results. NEVER Double Dipping! Your (b)esthetician follows the strictest sanitation and disinfection protocols.

Waxing results last much longer than shaving!

Not only do the results last much longer, but you get better resuts with waxing versus shaving. If you’ve never waxed before our (b)estheticians can help answer any questions you might have.

Waxing can help you be event-ready for any special event or vacation you might have coming up! Waxing will also thin down your hairs over time so they’re not as noticeable in between sessions. It’s time to free yourself from all of those stubborn hairs holding you back from pool parties, and beach days, and everything in between. We are here for you, schedule your next wax with us!

Body Waxing

New to waxing?   No problem!

Head over to our blog to find out more about all of our waxing services and tips & tricks to begin your hair free journey!

Each client is guaranteed to receive the same level of attention and care aimed towards helping you understand our waxing process!

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