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Quarantine, Kids, Work and Covid-19. How We Are Making It Work!

It's not all fun and games

Keep calm and carry on has been my mantra since we returned from our spring break trip in Mexico and self quarantined on March 16. Although it hasn’t been all fun and games we are adjusting to quarantine life as good as we possibly could and we are just as excited as everyone else that it seems like we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The smile you see here is a genuinely happy smile that my nine-year-old had after he beat his older brother (11 years old) at ping pong for the first time! This probably wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t have all this extra practice time on our hands!

Keep reading to find out how we are trying to Thrive and Survive during this quarantine time: 


As you can see we had to move around some workspaces and set up a different room for each child to keep them on task and minimize the bickering among our three kiddos.

Online school using zoom

We haven’t been completely strict on completing schoolwork, but our school district has done an outstanding job on emailing weekly checklists and that has helped us to stay on task and is helpful when checking if our kiddos have completed all their work. Our fifth-grader has more responsibility as far as schoolwork goes, but thankfully he has been a rockstar at completing it with very little help while I help his third-grade brother and first-grade sister.

It’s definitely been an adjustment for me, teaching three children, still trying to run a business and reschedule clients all while keeping the house clean, cooking meals and having much-needed family time somewhere in between has had me pulling my hair out a time or two or three!


To be honest the first three weeks of our Stay at Home order I barely did any work. It was a crazy busy time trying to figure out our new normal and even then we weren’t sure exactly how to proceed and how long this would all last. We finally got into a routine and although our bedtime schedules aren’t the same, having school work checklists and blocks of scheduled school time I was able to readjust my focus and work a few hours each day trying to reschedule clients and figure out ways to still supply them with much-needed home care products and guidance.

Here are a few ways I was able to still work:

  • Created school block hours for each child, at different times of the day
  • Communicated with clients via text and email, rather than over the phone
  • Implemented a new daily schedule of activities and bedtimes
  • Created a Virtual Consultation experience to reach new clients
  • Moved all product and consultations online
  • Stayed up longer in the evening preparing for Virtual Facials and returning to the salon

Implementing a daily schedule has been key to us and our kiddos knowing exactly how the day is going to go and what is expected of everyone. Being a family of five does have its challenges, but by scheduling school, snacks, lunch, physical activity and screen time we have drastically cut down on the bickering and boredom our kiddos first experienced during this quarantine.

I have also been learning from some of the best in my industry on how to pivot my business to become an online presence when really I am an in-person service-based business. I have learned a thing or two about offering virtual services not only during these unprecedented times, but also going forward so I can help guide anyone in need of skincare help.

I’ve also been keeping my hands busy

My middle son is my biggest cheerleader and usually the first in line for a facial treatment. A cleanse, some facial massage, a nice hydrating mask and he is completely relaxed and ready for bed! The key is making sure he gets his version of a facial right before bed….. he also raves about how nice his skin feels the next morning which warms my heart and reminds me why I do what I do!

At home kid facial during quarantine

Have you heard of Doodling with Mo Williams? 

We knew of Mo Williams before the quarantine as my daughter loves his book series so we were excited to discover him and his amazing doodles early on in quarantine and my youngest who is in first grade sets her alarm clock every day to attend his doodle classes. She is not an everyday artist, but his skill and doodles keep her interest the whole time. We highly recommend checking out his youtube videos if your kiddos need some fun easy art projects to do!

Doodling with Mo Williams


Oh, man the most heated topic in our house! We call it technology time and it also includes watching T.V.  To be honest when we were first issued the Stay at Home order we pretty much let the kids watch T.V. and play on computers and Ipad pretty regularly… there wasn’t’ much to do the first few weeks and making them do school when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing just sounded downright miserable.. for all of us!

Playing Minecraft during screentime

Once we realized this quarantine time wasn’t going away any time soon adding screen time hours to our daily activity was the best way we knew how to control the time spent on technology.

Our schedule consists of six generous hours of screen time, which is a mix of Computer Games, Ipad time, or watching T.V. The 6 hours is also very deceiving as it is from 3 pm – 9 pm, since our kiddos are still having sports practices via zoom for an hour each evening they pause screen time and we also pause screen time for dinner so really all in all they have around 3.5 to 4 hours of screen time.

We’ve decided screen time in the evening is best for our family and wake up and start our day as if we aren’t in quarantine, they haven’t yet realized that sports and dinner interfere with their screen time and honestly they probably never will.


Just like everyone else, we aren’t’ quite sure when we will begin our NEW normal. We have about six weeks left of school and although we are saddened we won’t see our fifth grader graduate elementary school and all our kiddos miss their peers, teachers and school terribly we are looking forward to summer….. where our schedule is a little more lax and summer camps keep our kiddos active and entertained. Here’s to hoping we will all be back to our NEW normal by then!

I hope this helps give you some idea of how you can began a daily schedule and bring some sense of normalcy back into your day!

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