Stretch Mark / Scar Revision

Stretch Mark / Scar Revision

Stretch Mark Revision Colleyville Texas

What Exactly is Paramedical Stretch Mark / Scar Revision?

Paramedical Stretch Mark / Scar revision at Lux Skin Lab is designed to help you feel more confident.

If you have been exploring skin-friendly treatment options for your stretch marks and scars, you would have come across inkless stretch mark revision several times, right? This paramedical treatment has become one of the most popular choices for people looking to treat their scar lines and stretch marks.

Having stretch marks / scars is extremely common

They are caused by the rupture of collagen and elastin in your body. The most common reasons for this include puberty, weight gain or loss, surgeries and pregnancy.

Lux Skin Lab’s paramedical inkless stretch mark / scar revision treats scars and stretch marks by creating better skin tone, texture, and color. We needle a customized healing serum into the stretch marks / scars to achieve this. This activates the production of collagen, elastin, and melanocytes to be in the affected area.

Usually, it takes almost four weeks for the affected area to heal. After that, we can determine whether or not you would require additional sessions.

Paramedical inkless treatments are known to generate great and fast results. You will notice almost 50-100% improvement just after the first session. However, you might require some additional sessions to reach your goal. It is essential to talk to your (b)esthetician about it.

The best about all of this is that after getting your stretch mark / scar revision treatment, you will never have to worry about pigment not matching skin tone or fading over time. It is a great way to improve the appearance of stretch marks and feel more confident.

Why Should You Opt for Stretch Mark Scar Revision?

Stretch Mark / Scar Revision is an excellent cosmetic treatment that delivers all that it promises and then some more! 

If you are looking for a high-quality, non-invasive inkless stretch mark / scar revision treatment in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas we can help you! We offer several skin-friendly cosmetic treatments at affordable prices.

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